Introducing Valorant Intel, your #1 Source for all Valorant News

Introducing Valorant Intel, your #1 Source for all Valorant News

Welcome! Us at Valorant Intel would like to thank every one of you for utilizing us as your primary source for Project A/Valorant information. As we close in on some fresh news regarding the new Riot Games IP, we’d like to give you all the framework of what’s coming in our community.

The Team

Don’t be shy, pop us a Twitter follow! We all have our own areas of specialty, so be sure to get to know us all!

Project A/Valorant News

When fresh developments, trailers, and information becomes public, expect to see it here on our blog. We will post patch notes, community updates, upcoming content and esports related content on our blog. We will often link these in our Tweets.

Community Engagement

As a community ran and oriented page, our core goal is to inform and rally players. Through regular updates on Twitter and our Discord server we aim to give players opportunities to connect with one another. Part of this plan has already come to light, with Content Creator, Professional Player & e-sport roles given out to outstanding members of the community.

Calling All Competitive Players!

Speaking about a community, the greatest backbone of one is esports, and we have already seen overwhelming demand from players from around the world. We are currently evaluating several options to create a dedicated competitive player hub for all interested players across the community. Stay tuned for more!

Looking Forward

We’re excited to be here to watch this promising new FPS blossom into a premier e-sport and game. As the game grows, so will the need for news throughout the community, and that begins soon!

Until then, we’ve got some work to do.

-VALORANTintel Team

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