@PlayValorant Twitter Account Verified… Then Unverified

@PlayValorant Twitter Account Verified… Then Unverified

PlayValorant Twitter is verified! Earlier this week, rumors surfaced about an official title for Project A after the title “VALORANT” was trademarked by Riot Games.

Trademark regsitration for "Valorant" by Riot Games, Inc.
VALORANT Trademark, Riot Games 2020

Shortly after this filing, the Twitter handle @PlayVALORANT was registered. This account built a following without a single tweet, and the legitimacy of the account was debated. However, after this verification, along with the copyright filings by Riot, this may be our official Project A title.

The PlayValorant Twitter account is currently not followed by any Riot Employees, but is followed by high profile gaming personalities and developers from other studios.

UPDATE: The account has been unverified as of 2 AM EST. This does not necessarily mean the account is fake. Twitter verification is a very specific process, so this merely could’ve been an oversight by Twitter, accidentally verifying the account before any official announcement.

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