VALORANT Hitboxes To Stay The Same Across ALL Characters

VALORANT Hitboxes To Stay The Same Across ALL Characters

Hitboxes: your best friend or worst enemy. You either hit your target and feel that rush of accomplishment – or scream in rage, certain you’ve been cheated out of a shot you hit. In modern first-person shooters, well-developed hitboxes are a must, and consistency across character models is at the core of this system.

Due to this design principle, keeping player models to similar scales keeps gameplay at a constant flow and adds in a “muscle memory” skill curve to the game. Being able to know where enemies will pop out their heads is a big advantage in shooters, namely Counter-Strike. In VALORANT, this will return as a core mechanic, as confirmed by esports commentator “HenryG” on twitter.

esports commentator “HenryG”

When asked about the player models, Henry answered “no f**** with huge player models”. Simply put, you won’t need to worry about funky hit detection and characters larger than yourself. Stay tuned for more VALORANT information. Don’t forget to check out articles like VALORANT – Official Gameplay And Beta News

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