VALORANT – Official Gameplay And Beta News

VALORANT – Official Gameplay And Beta News

It’s official, VALORANT is coming in Summer of 2020, and also will have a beta before the launch. Riot Games dropped a huge content drop for the community, including new artwork, gameplay, and graphics.

Gameplay Based On Tactical Chaos

VALORANT is the real tactical deal, combining the best elements of today’s shooters such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Experience eight characters, all with unique combat changing abilities. The goal is simple: one side protects a reactor, the other side attempts to detonate the reactor. Strategically work with your team to streamline the use of your abilities to successfully defeat the enemy team.

A Commitment To Connection And Optimization

From day one, VALORANT will be playable on even the lowest spec PC’s, touting 30 FPS minimum on PC’s dating back a decade. For most modern PC’s, 60-144 FPS will be a breeze! This low barrier to entry for gamers, on top of its rumored free to play model, ensures a very promising pathway to the success of the game.

Sneak Peek Into Weapon Mechanics

In similar fashion to Counter-Strike, we see the return of independent recoil patterns per weapons, wall penetration, and 1 bullet headshots. Death in VALORANT can be a split-second event, so play smart!

Did Someone Say BETA?

Yes. You heard us correctly. The VALORANT beta is coming before the Summer 2020 launch and will be a closed beta. Be sure to keep an eye on all official Riot Socials for further information. Here’s the message from the official website.

New VALORANT Alpha Footage!

Official VALORANT Alpha Gameplay

That’s all we’ve got for now regarding Valorant Gameplay and the closed beta. Stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out other articles like Latest VALORANT (Project A) Reveal Information.

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