How VALORANT’S Microtransaction System Will Work

How VALORANT’S Microtransaction System Will Work

The planned microtransaction system in Valorant has recently been detailed in an interview with Riot executive producer Anna Donlon, by Polygon. With Valorant being a free to play title, a cosmetic system within the game was all but inevitable. Free to play titles have used a cosmetic system for years now as a primary means to make money from their title. Most notably, the success of League Of Legends can be directly tied to the popularity of the character skins.

“Elementalist Lux” – League Of Legends

In League Of Legends, players mainly earn character skins from purchasable chests or bought directly from the in-game shop. Unique to League, however, is the ability to get skins from regular gameplay through level capsules. Though slow, this system does guarantee players a few skins without any payment.

Valorant will have “a couple of different progression systems”

Anna Donlon – Polygon Interview

Valorant’s microtransaction system appears on the outside to be a traditional progression system not unfamiliar to gamers, featuring a battle pass system and a storefront. At this time, Valorant seems to be aiming for a system revolving around weapon skins, rather than character skins. Character skins pose a design threat towards instant recognition of enemies at distances, and with Riot promising all characters would have the same hitboxes, it’s unsurprising that character models would pose some sort of issue.

Expanding on character-based cosmetics, Donlon commented that while difficult, it is still possible, and that Riot is interested in exploring.

Source – Polygon

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