VALORANT – Full Weapon List (So Far)

VALORANT – Full Weapon List (So Far)

Weapons are always one of the most exciting parts of a shooter, offering unique design and gameplay possibilities. Being said, with the reveal of VALORANT, we’ve seen the reveal of a new game, combining elements of today’s most popular esport titles. Fans of other shooters will be familiar with the weapon mechanics of VALORANT.

With that said, here’s the rundown of the purchasable weapons in VALORANT.


  • Bulldog – Weapon used mostly in reveal gameplay (When aiming down sights, this Assault Rifle changes from full auto to burst)
  • Guardian
  • Phantom
  • Vandal


  • Marshal – Cheaper, Lower powered sniper
  • Operator – More expensive, higher caliber sniper.


  • Ares
  • Odin


  • Bucky
  • Judge


  • Classic – Single fire pistol
  • Shorty – Looks similar to a short, double-barrel shotgun.
  • Frenzy- Fully automatic pistol
  • Ghost
  • Sheriff – Magnum

Additional Buyables

  • Light Shields
  • Heavy Shields
  • Player abilities

Additionally, using the buy menu players will also be able to purchase weapons for teammates using credits, and request weapons as well. The buy menu offers a full view of all available equipment, as well as a look at the loadouts of your teammates.


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