Valorant Event Canceled Due to Coronavirus – Will We See Another Event?

Valorant Event Canceled Due to Coronavirus – Will We See Another Event?

Due to growing Coronavirus worries, the planned Valorant influencer event has been canceled. Originally planned to be March 11-12th, this event was supposed to be an expansive look at the game for us.

Valorant Event Canceled After These Invites Were Sent
Valorant Event Invitation – @MrDalekJD – Twitter

Valorant Event Canceled – So, What Now?

Currently, no word has surfaced on plans for a second event, but in a statement from Riot, they tease a possible online event.

We’re cancelling March’s hands-on gameplay events – let’s play without the health risks. Stay tuned.

@PlayValorant – Twitter

Speaking from a speculative view, it is possible that when saying “let’s play without the health risks”, Riot is referencing an online event. We could see influencers get their hands on closed alpha access for a day (or perhaps two).

Riot Upholds A Gold Standard

Canceling an event – especially one that requires a large number of people to be flown out, is no easy call. Riot putting the health of their employees and community is understandable. There are still plenty of opportunities for in-person events before the Summer launch of the game, regardless. With all the hype for Valorant, we find it hard to think Riot wouldn’t have some sort of backup plan to get us gameplay within the month.

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