Valorant Progression, Ranked Play and Cosmetic System Details

Valorant Progression, Ranked Play and Cosmetic System Details

Valorant Progression, Ranked Play mode, Battle Pass and cosmetics have recently been detailed. These systems are still considered to be a work in progress until the game officially launches in Summer 2020, and are subject to change.

This information comes from a recent video posted by YouTube user and IGN Nordic writer Qwixzo, where several Valorant Progression systems are detailed, the upcoming Ranked Play mode and the planned Battle Pass like system. That being said, let’s get into all the character goodness! Just a reminder, Valorant is still in active development and the following is subject to change.

Character Progression

In Valorant, each individual character has their own set of progression levels and unlocks that go with them. During game time with each character, we’ll progress through a set of ten ranks that will unlock rewards for free.

Character Missions

Each character will also have their own set of missions that will reward the player with in-game currency. Premium missions will also be available for purchase, which will most likely offer players more lucrative, perhaps limited-time cosmetics. We do know that at launch, none of these cosmetics will be character skins, as part of Riots promise to keep the hitboxes consistent on all characters.

Ranked Play

Valorant will have a ranked mode, pending release in late 2020. This mode will have an ELO system, using the same ranks from League Of Legends. The ranking system in League starts at Iron and ends at Challengers – for the most elite.

Valorant Progression - League of Legends comparison
League Of Legends – Ranks

No Loot Boxes

As we have reported previously, Valorant will not have loot boxes, instead opting for a more player-friendly system. Players will be able to earn, or downright purchase weapon skins and weapon charms. There’s no RNG involved here!

League Themed Weapon Skins!

URF, League Of Legends

As a last surprise, it also appears that Riot is planning on adding in URF themed weapon skins into Valorant! These weapon skins will resemble Nerf guns! (Urf? Nerf? Get it?)

Well, that’s all we have for now! For more Valorant news, stay tuned to our Twitter or join our community Discord. You can also check out the full confirmed weapon list for Valorant!

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