Valorant Gameplay Event Scheduled For Tomorrow

Valorant Gameplay Event Scheduled For Tomorrow

The VALORANT Gameplay capture event will be occurring tomorrow, March 27th. This event is an online-only capture event that has been extended to content creators that were previously invited to the official (cancelled) Valorant capture event, as well as additional creators.

Confirmed by Rod Breslau (@Slasher) on Twitter, this event will be happening online tomorrow as well as Saturday, March 27th and 28th.

@Slasher on Twitter

Will We See Valorant Gameplay Tomorrow?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. During one of xQcOW’s Twitch streams, he states that he will be playing Valorant March 27th, but cannot stream it.

Who’s invited?

As far as we are aware, all creators who have been invited to the cancelled Valorant Gameplay event will have a home client they can play Valorant on tomorrow and Saturday. Additionally, since this is an online event, some more creators also may get invited. The gameplay taken from these play sessions will be available for us to view once Riot lifts the embargo from the players. The date this embargo lifts is currently unknown.

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