Valorant Playtest Details – New Agent and Ranked Play

Valorant Playtest Details – New Agent and Ranked Play

This previous weekend, several content creators across the gaming community had the opportunity to playtest Valorant. From these playtests, new information has surfaced regarding a ninth playable agent and ranked play details. This information was originally reported in an article by dotesports.

New Agent

Adding to the current roster of Valorant agents, we now have the new ninth agent, Breach. His abilities are Aftershock, Flashpoint and Fault Line. Flashpoint acts as a flash grenade would, while Fault Line acts like a stun grenade, making it difficult for enemies to aim. His ultimate ability Rolling Thunder is not yet clear, however testers commented that it was quite powerful.

Ranked Play


Similar to League Of Legends, Valorant will have the same ranking system with different tier names. The ranks are as follows: Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic, Immortal, and Valorant. All of these ranks (excluding Valorant) will have three tiers to progress through. The exact specifics of ranking up are not described quite yet, but if the League Of Legends format is followed, players will go through a series of “promo games” in order to qualify for rank ups.

Game Win Conditions

A game of Valorant will end when a team reaches 13 round wins. The maximum amount of rounds that can be played are 25. If a game goes to a 12-12 situation, the game has a final overtime round. Games will not end in a tie. During the overtime round, players will all have an extra 5,000 “creds” (the in game currency) to spend.

Cosmetics & Private Servers

As previously reported, Valorant will feature a cosmetic system with Weapon Charms, Sprays and Weapon Skins. These skins will all come in sets. The sets can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges (contracts). Additionally, it also looks like the game will have private servers. Currently, the servers only support up to 10 players. It is unknown how customizable these servers will be, or if they will support mini-games, larger player capacity or even a server browser.

Source (and some more info!) : DOT ESPORTS

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