Jett – Gameplay and Ability List

Jett – Gameplay and Ability List

The VALORANT team released information around Jett, and we are excited to see her agile and evasive fighting style. They will allow her to take risks that other characters won’t be able to. Jett will run circles around every skirmish, cutting enemies up before they even know what hit them.

  • CLOUDBURST – Throw out a cloud of fog that obscures vision on impact. Hold down the ability button to bend the cloud’s in-flight trajectory.
  • UPDRAFT – After a brief wind up, propel yourself upwards.
  • TAILWIND – Immediately dash a short distance in the direction you’re moving.
  • BLADE STORM – Arm yourself with several deadly throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots. Scoring a kill restores all daggers. Left click throws a single dagger. Right click throws all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.

Jett concept art

Jett Gameplay

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