VALORANT Beta Boasts Over 1 Million Concurrent Viewers On Release

VALORANT Beta Boasts Over 1 Million Concurrent Viewers On Release

The VALORANT beta is now underway in North America, (parts of) Europe, and Canada! If you’re lucky enough to already have a key, then what are you waiting for?

Less than fifteen minutes since the launch of the beta, Twitch is already showing over 1 million concurrent viewers for VALORANT, and that number is steadily rising.

Just to put this into context, the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) usually garners around 200,000 concurrent viewers. Keeping in mind that the LCS is riots flagship tournament while consistently topping the Twitch viewer charts. There’s just no telling how many viewers VALORANT has across multiple platform, and it’s safe to say the game will be a huge competitive hit for Riot upon release. There’s no official announcements for a ranked mode yet, but we have taken a look at the currently revealed VALORANT Ranks already.

VALORANT Gains 1M concurrent viewers

If, like some of us, you are still waiting to gain access to the closed beta then we have just the guide for you! Make sure you read our article on How To Get Into The VALORANT Beta

Rumour is there are over 75,000 spots up for grabs so don’t waste another moment!

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