How To Get The Best Odds Of A VALORANT Beta Drop

How To Get The Best Odds Of A VALORANT Beta Drop

With day 1 of the VALORANT beta behind us, and many viewers still confused and in the dark on how exactly to get access to the beta via Twitch Drops, Riot has finally given us more details on exactly how the system works. Until now, many of us have been running multiple tabs on different streams all hours of the day in hopes of the all-elusive drop notification.

For most of us, all we’ve been granted by the Riot Gods is the frustrating “Hooray! You’re in the clear!” message. So, before you run off to ebay and find yourself a few hundred bucks worse off, here’s a run-down on how the system works, and how to get the best odds

Requirements For A VALORANT Beta Key Drop

1. You need to link your Riot account with your Twitch account and start watching VALORANT Twitch streams with drops enabled

2. Watch Streams. Yep, that easy. However, we now know that you need to pass a certain threshold of around 2 hours before you become eligible for a drop. After this point, you can receive a drop. Everyone who has watched a few hours is still eligible, regardless of whether or not they continue to watch streams today.

3. Drops do not pause (unless stated so by Riot) – This means that periodically the system is constantly choosing a percentage of the player-base to receive a drop. They will not receive them right away, but the keys should appear in your inbox at some point in the morning.

4. The Selection is completely RANDOM. However, Riot is giving higher “weight” to those who have watched more hours. This means it is more likely for someone who has watched 4 hours of streams to receive a key than someone who has only watched 2 hours.

5. Even though more hours watched = higher chance, there are diminishing returns – meaning insanely high amounts of watch time will not increase your chances, this is more than likely to combat view botting.

6. You do NOT need to be on twitch to receive a drop. If you have been watching, you are still eligible.

7. You do NOT need to leave streams on overnight while AFK to increase your chances, nor do you need to have multiple streams open at the same time.

Follow those seven easy steps and you’ll have a beta key in no time. Just, please, remember to take a break. Sitting in front of your monitor for 12 hours a day praying for a drop will not increase your chances, only your risk of blood clots.

Source: Riot Games

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