This Is How VALORANT Will Support Content Creators

This Is How VALORANT Will Support Content Creators

It’s no secret that Riot Games has always been a fan of content creation. Through League of Legends, Riot has and continues to support the hundreds of creators eager to share their content with the world, usually this help comes in the form of League of Legends accounts already maxed out with all the champions and skins, so players don’t have to waste time grinding new accounts for the wildly popular “Unranked to Challenger” series many creators chose to take part in.

VALORANT will be no different, Riot has already released a “Free Asset Kit” that is completely free of charge and includes Stream Overlay’s, Logos and Screenshots, Character Art and Concept Art that you can use to your liking.


So if you’re a Graphic Designer, Streamer, Cosplayer or just enjoy checking out the beautiful artwork of VALORANT, Riot Games has you covered.

You can grab the VALORANT Free Asset Kit right HERE

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