VALORANT Breaks Records On Twitch

VALORANT Breaks Records On Twitch

In just a single day on Twitch Riot’s newest shooter game VALORANT managed to break records. We reported yesterday that VALORANT boasted over 1 million concurrent viewers less than 15 minutes into the launch of the closed beta, it didn’t stop there as the beta managed to amass a staggering peak of 1.7 million viewers.

It comes as no shock that the biggest names also had career defining days as popular variety streamer Summit1G was retaining at least 10% of that viewership throughout the day, at one point soaring to 200,000 viewers – more people than the largest stadium in the world can hold at one time.

Valorant Breaks Records

It’s clear that, while frustrating for some, the system Riot has decided to implement for beta codes – in which users have to watch Twitch streams in hopes for a “Drop”, has been a huge success for the title. According to Twitch, VALORANT broke the record for “single-day hours watched in a single game category” at 34 million hours. The only other title on Twitch to achieve such a monumental viewership also belongs to Riot Games, with it’s 2019 League of Legends Championship Series

In other news, Beta Drops have gone LIVE once again on Twitch, so if you were not lucky enough to snag yourself a key yesterday, today is once again your chance! If you’re unsure how to be in with a chance of getting a drop, we have a handy little guide for you including a list of who to watch!

Riot announced last night that Beta Drops can be expected to continue throughout the coming week(s), but no official number of entries has been given.

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Source: TheVerge

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