Every Agent In VALORANT And How They Work

Every Agent In VALORANT And How They Work

Agent’s play a huge role in VALORANT‘s competitive arena, and part of the fun is finding the right character for your play-style. Currently there are four classes; Initiator; Sentinel; Duelist; and Controller, all providing the player with alternative ways to play and make their mark in the game. Within those classes there are currently a total of ten “Agents”. Each Agent comes with four unique abilities, one of which being an ultimate – not straying too far from the likes of Overwatch and Riot Game’s League of Legends.

Loading up a game of VALORANT for the first time can be daunting. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list to help you get on your way to victory!

VALORANT in-game


  • Duelist – These Agents are proficient at creating solo plays. High impact abilities and mobility allow them to excel in one-versus-one scenarios and clutch moments. If you enjoy “fragging” and montages, Duelists are definitely for you.
  • Controller – These Agents are designed with map control in mind, hence “Controller”. Their arsenal usually consists of abilities that prevent movement, and funnel the enemy team into high danger positions where your team will have an advantage.
  • Sentinel – These Agents are great at watching your back. A Sentinel will be able to hold down a sight line, or even the bomb sites with abilities that give vision through walls and spot enemy players in range.
  • Initiator – An Initiator’s job is to catch the enemy off guard. Usually you will find abilities that blind, or stun the enemy team so that you can follow up with a fast push and eliminate any unsuspecting bad guys.

Jett – “Duelist”


Jett is a knife wielding, air bending, play making fragger – and one of the first Agents you will be able to use. Her skills consist of two movement abilities, one defensive ability and her ultimate. Let’s check them out in a little further detail!

  • (Q) Updraft – This ability instantly propels Jett into the air. This ability has to be bought through the shop, up to a maximum of 2 times per round.
  • (E) Tailwind – Tailwind is your bread and butter. This ability allows you to dash forward in the direction you are moving. If Jett is stood still, she will always dash forwards.
  • (C) Cloudburst – Instantly throws a orb-like projectile that, upon reaching it’s target, expands to create a circular vision block. You can curve this while it’s still in the air by using your mouse.
  • (X) Blade Storm – This is your ultimate. Jett equips a handful of throwing knives that are highly accurate, you can press Left Mouse to fire a single knife, or Right Mouse to throw the entire set. Upon killing a target, the knives are refreshed.

Brimstone – “Controller”


Brimstone is a military-type bad ass with a huge gun. He’s a controller that focuses on big-booms and vision blocking.

  • (Q) Incendiary – Brimstone equips a grenade launcher that can be fired with Left Mouse. Upon impact, projectiles create a lingering area of effect zone that damages players stood within it.
  • (E) Sky Smoke – Equip a tactical map and select areas on the map in which to fire smoke clouds that block vision for the enemy team.
  • (C) Stim Beacon – Fire a beacon that, when in-range, increases the fire rate for for all allied agents.
  • (X) Orbital Strike – This is Brimstones Ultimate. Open a tactical map and select one location on the map to call down a devastating orbital strike that deals huge damage over time to enemy players caught inside.

Viper – “Controller”


Viper is a toxin wielding controller that specializes in area of effect abilities and vision control

  • (Q) Poison Cloud – Throw a gas emitter that will remain for the entire round. This ability can be activated to cause an AoE toxic gas cloud at the cost of fuel. This ability can be de-activated and re-used throughout the round.
  • (E) Toxic Screen – Fire a wave of emitters in a straight line, this ability can then be activated to create a large wall of toxic gas that can not be seen through at the cost of fuel. You can re-use this ability more than once.
  • (C) Snake Bite – Fire a canister filled with lingering chemicals that slows and damages nearby enemies
  • (X) Viper’s Pit – This is Viper’s Ultimate. Fire a chemical gas cloud around Viper that reduces the vision range and maximum health of all enemy players inside it.

Raze – “Duelist”


Raze is a self sufficient demolition expert who relies on the use of high-tech machinery to deliver tonnes of damage (and explosions)

  • (Q) Blast Pack – Throw a pack of C4 that sticks to surfaces. Re-activate the ability to detonate the blast pack, damaging and moving anything it hits
  • (E) Paint Shells – Fire a cluster grenade that, on impact, creates a group of smaller grenades that bounce and cause damage to anyone in range
  • (C) Boom Bot – Deploy a bot that travels in a straight line and bounces off of walls. The bot will lock on to anything in front of it and explode for heavy damage when reaching it’s target. Keep in mind, the bot can be shot and killed by enemy players.
  • (X) Showstopper – Equip a rocket launcher that when fired deals massive damage in an area of effect upon impact.

Cypher – “Sentinel”


Cypher is an expert on vision and map control. Using cameras and tripwires in order to locate and trap enemies in dangerous positions

  • (Q) Cyber Cage – Toss a cage in-front of Cypher, blocking vision and impairing movement for anyone who passes through it.
  • (E) Spycam – Toss a camera to a target location. You can re-use the ability to take control of the camera, firing darts at enemy players in order to mark them for your team.
  • (C) Trapwire – Fire a destructible trap wire that tethers, dazes and then reveals enemy players who pass through it should they fail to remove it in time.
  • (X) Neural Theft – This is Cyphers Ultimate. Press X will facing any dead enemy to instantly reveal the locations of ALL living enemy players.

Breach – “Initiator”


Breach is half machine, half man. He uses devastating abilities designed to control and impair enemy players, leading up to an engagement.

  • (Q) Flashpoint – Fire a fast-acting charge that can move through walls, blinding all players who look at it.
  • (E) Fault Line – Equip a seismic charge. Fire to set off a large quake that knocks up all players in its zone, and in a line up to its zone.
  • (C) Aftershock – Fire a slow-acting burst that can pass through walls, dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in it’s area.
  • (X) Rolling Thunder – This is Breach’s Ultimate. Send a cascading quake through all terrain, the quake knocks up and dazes enemy players.

Sova – “Initiator”

Valorant Sova

Sova is a hunter that uses a bow and arrow, equipped with shock charges, and a pilot-able drone to scout enemies.

  • (Q) Shock Bolt – Fire an explosive shock bolt forward that damages enemies nearby. Press Right Mouse to instead fire a bouncing bolt, that will bounce up to two times from nearby terrain.
  • (E) Recon Bolt – Fire a bolt forwards that scans a wide area for enemy players, then revealing them through walls for a short duration. This can also changed to a bouncing bolt with the use of Right Mouse
  • (C) Owl Drone – Release a drone that is controlled by the player. While in control, use Left Mouse to fire a dart that reveals enemy players when struck.
  • (X) Hunters Fury – This is Sova’s Ultimate. Equip a bow charged with 3 wall-piercing blasts. When fired, these arrows will move in a straight line, piercing any objects infront of Sova while damaging and revealing enemies hit.

Sage – “Sentinel”

Agent Sage

Sage is your healer. Her abilities allow for resurrection and healing of friendly players, while also providing some utility.

  • (Q) Slow Orb – Fire a slowing orb that detonates upon impact, creating a field that slows enemies who pass through it.
  • (E) Healing Orb – Equip an orb that heals allied players that are in your cross-hairs over time. You can also ALT FIRE this heal yourself.
  • (C) Barrier Orb – Create a large impassible barrier that can be rotated before firing. The barrier can be shot and destroyed.
  • (X) Resurrection – This is Sage’s Ultimate. Aim your cross-hairs over a dead ally and use Left Mouse to begin resurrecting. After a short channel, the player will be returned to life.

Phoenix – Duelist

Valorant Phoenix

Phoenix is a fire-wielding Londoner with .. highlights? Phoenix has a wide range of utility, including a “Get out of jail free” card in the form of a teleport.

  • (Q) Curveball – Fire a flare orb that can be curved either to the left or the right, detonating and blinding enemy players shortly after release.
  • (E) Hot Hands – Equip an orb of fire that can be thrown, detonating shortly after impact and leaving an area-of-effect that damages players caught within
  • (C) Blaze – Create a wall of fire in a straight line that blinds and damages enemy players who pass through it
  • (X) Run It Back – This is Phoenix’s Ultimate. Create a marker at Phoenix’s current location. Upon taking fatal damage, or running out of time, Phoenix will return to his previous location with full health.

Omen – Controller

Valorant Omen

Omen is a stealth assassin who specializes in blinding the enemy, and moving around the map unseen. His ultimate is high-impact and if used correctly can catch an entire team off-guard.

  • (Q) Paranoia – Fire a shadow projectile forwards that can move through walls, eventually stopping. This projectile blinds enemies it passes through.
  • (E) Dark Cover – Fire an orb that can move through walls, over large distances. Once it’s location is reached, it creates a circular cover that can not be seen through
  • (C) Shrouded Step – Target a location and then after a brief channel, teleport instantly to that location
  • (X) From The Shadows – This is Omen’s Ultimate. Equip a tactical map, using Right Mouse to target any location on the map. Omen will then begin teleporting to the chosen location, appearing as a Shade on the other side, enemies can shoot the shade in order to cancel the channel.

So there you have it, every single Agent currently on offer in VALORANT, and how they work. Hopefully this helps you get a head start in game on your grind to become the best.

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