VALORANT Beta Drops Will Be 24/7

VALORANT Beta Drops Will Be 24/7

Following a lot of confusion on how the VALORANT Beta Drops actually work (Which we cleared up a little bit) Riot has taken a moment this weekend to reflect and update everyone on what will happen going forward.

It has been confirmed by Anna Donlon (RiotSupercakes) that drops will infact be continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – meaning you can finally take a break from Twitch and do something else with your valuable quarantined hours. On top of this, Riot has also confirmed that server capacity has been increased by 25%, allowing for more beta spots to be opened up for the weekend!

Riot also claims that they are on the search for “more internet” as the Beta moves into full swing, this comes after record breaking demand as VALORANT continues to hold over 1 million concurrent viewers daily on Twitch

Valorant Beta Drops

If you’re absolutely adamant on continuing to watch Twitch streams, please make sure you take regular breaks and drink plenty of water. Don’t worry, the beta drops are on their way! In the meantime, give yourself some reading material and take a dive into Every VALORANT Agent And How They Work

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