VALORANT Ranked Mode Coming In Closed Beta

VALORANT Ranked Mode Coming In Closed Beta

Riot Games “Ziegler” has recently confirmed via twitter that, in the coming weeks, VALORANT will have a ranked mode coming to the closed beta in order for testing.

At the moment of writing players have only so far been given the option to play “unrated” which seemingly has no signs of any SBMM (skill based match-making) – which can be frustrating for some as you face off against much higher skilled enemies.

Many players have already been sharpening their skills and practicing for the games release, hoping to find fame and glory while climbing the ladder. Recently, we took a look at all the VALORANT Ranks that have been revealed so far, ranging from Mercenary all the way up to Immortal.

Valorant Ranks

Ranked mode will be the crucible from which the fires of many eSport’s professional careers will be ignited. There’s no doubt that Riot will be pushing VALORANT heavily into the eSports scene, as they already do with League of Legends. After all, VALORANT is already breaking multiple records on twitch, despite the game being only being in closed beta.

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