VALORANT Patch Fixes Map Exploits, Audio Issues And More

VALORANT Patch Fixes Map Exploits, Audio Issues And More

Riot Games has released a small VALORANT Patch today in order to fix some glaring issues in the closed beta. These include changes to Cypher, map exploits, and changes to Cypher

VALORANT Patch Fixes Cypher
Cypher attaching a weapon to his peaceable cameras, turning them from less-than-lethal into killing machines

It didn’t take long before players started to find ways to break and unravel VALORANT’s mostly-polished closed beta, but with the staggering number of players already online, it was only a matter of time.

Various map exploits, such as out-of-bounds glitches, common audio issues and a game-changing Cypher bug have already been fixed with today’s patch – just days after these exploits were found. The new patch has already rolled out across Europe and is expected to reach NA servers sometime in the next day.

VALORANT 14th April Patch Notes

  • Cypher’s camera made less lethal under certain… circumstances
  • Patched a number of map exploits
  • Fixed audio dropping after consecutive games

In Other News

Riot Games has today announced that beta drops will be live and 24/7 on ALL Twitch Channels as they increase server capacity for the closed beta – meaning you will no longer have to binge hours upon hours of the most popular streamers to gain access. You should now be able to watch your friends, and support smaller streamers who have access to VALORANT, so best of luck and we hope to see you in-game!

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