Riot Offers $100,000 To Anyone Who Can Find Anti-Cheat Bugs

Riot Offers $100,000 To Anyone Who Can Find Anti-Cheat Bugs

Riot’s new anti-cheat system “Vanguard” has recently sparked controversy as an always-on driver with potential backdoor risks. Now Riot offers $100,000 to anyone who can find and report exploits and bugs within the system.

Riot Offers $100,000

In a recent blog post by Riot on a popular hacker forum, the VALORANT developers claim they are confident in their Anti-Cheat systems, but will offer thousands of dollars to anyone who can provide high quality reports including security risks and bugs.

It’s clear that Riot is taking the security concerns regarding their new Anti-Cheat very seriously, below is what they had to say.

“If you’re able to help us protect our players and their data by responsibly identifying new security issues for us to fix, you are awesome and we want to reward you. Qualifying bugs will be rewarded based on severity. Our minimum reward is $250 USD. Rewards are granted entirely at the discretion of Riot. Publicly disclosing your bug without coordinating with us may lead to being ineligible for a bounty. We will judge this on a case by case basis.”

CategorySubcategoryMaximum Bounty
Network attack with no user interactionCode execution on the kernel level$100,000
Unauthorized access to sensitive data$75,000
Network attack requiring user interaction (1 click)Code execution on the kernel level$75,000
Unauthorized access to sensitive data$50,000
Local attack for privilege escalationCode execution on the kernel level$35,000
Unauthorized access to sensitive data$25,000

If you think you have what it takes to breach Riots Vanguard system and earn yourself some cash, head over to HackerOne for more details

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