Find Out Where You Can Wallbang In VALORANT

Find Out Where You Can Wallbang In VALORANT

VALORANT is a game where knowledge of the map and fine tuned mechanics are the difference in winning and loosing. Much like it’s competitor CS:GO, there are certain walls you can and can not Wallbang in VALORANT to kill unsuspecting players.

Reddit user ItsMormo has kindly compiled a list with handy pictures and explanations on exactly which walls are penetrable, and to what extent. Of course, this list only covers maps that are in the closed-beta and will need to be updated when the game is released.


Noted in green are all the walls that you can shoot through, some good things to note for Split are that you can wall bang from B to mid-connector as demonstrated in this Twitch Clip, and of all the maps in the game, Split has the highest number of “One-Way” penetration walls.


As you can see on Blind there are significantly less walls that you can shoot through, however it is worth nothing that you can penetrate the B > A teleporter room if you find yourself stuck inside there.


Wallbang in VALORANT

Haven has a host of penetrable walls, especially on attacking side mid, anyone camping window or mid can easily be wallbanged should you find yourself outnumbered. Mormo also noted that there are window’s and doors you should be on the lookout for that indicate areas which you can shoot through.

Wallbang in Valorant

One Reddit user Altimor provided further detail into how far bullets can actually travel through penetrable objects.

  • Bullets can travel 500cm through “very low” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 400cm through “low” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 300cm through “moderate” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 100cm through “high” resistance materials
  • Bullets can travel 50cm through “very high” resistance materials

All information is provided via ItsMormo on reddit, and you can check out his thread for yourself for more useful information here.

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