Riot Looking To Eliminate Toxicity In VALORANT

Riot Looking To Eliminate Toxicity In VALORANT

Riot Games is exploring “long-term solutions” to eliminate toxicity in VALORANT, even solo queue. Riot UX Designer “Greenily”, for League of Legends, faces disgusting comments and sexist remarks in VALORANT Solo Queue.

Riot’s new game VALORANT is still only in Closed Beta, but toxicity and harassment is not something new to genre – and especially Riot Games. League of Legends has been a hallmark for toxic players for years now.

Riot’s UX Designer “EverGreenily” sparked the discussion when she posted on twitter claiming to have experienced sexist comments and harassment while playing VALORANT, providing a seven second clip. “I usually don’t give in to this like in the video; I’m silent in an attempt to not incite more” said Greenily, however this did not stop the toxic player from continuing to harass other players.

Toxicity in Valorant

Riot’s Anna Donlon was there to provide feedback – “Gross, this is creepy as hell”, Also claiming this behaviour is why she “can’t solo”. Anna continued on to explain that Riot is currently “Looking into long-term solutions to make it safe to play VALORANT – even in solo queue”. It’s not obviously clear what exactly Riot is planning to do in order to combat toxicity in VALORANT, as we said earlier it runs rampant in League of Legends.

Of course, Toxicity is not just an issue for Riot Games – but there are solutions. Apex Legends, for example, introduced a deep contextual ping system that almost eliminates the need for voice communications. Rainbow Six Siege automatically bans anyone using racial slurs, and even League of Legends uses an “Honor” system, rewarding players for good behavior with skins and accessories.

In other news, Riot is also staying ahead of bugs and exploits in VALORANT – already providing two extensive patches with more to come in the future, even going as far as handing out cash prizes up to $100,000 if you can provide bug feedback.

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