VALORANT Ranked Mode LIVE Now!

VALORANT Ranked Mode LIVE Now!

VALORANT Ranked Mode will be going live on North American Servers tonight, with European servers to follow sometime tomorrow.

VALORANT Ranked Mode

VALORANT Ranked Mode was due to hit servers sometime in the last week, unfortunately a few bugs reared their nasty heads, forcing Riot to make the difficult decision to post-pone their highly anticipated Rated Mode until the servers became stable.

VALORANT Ranked Mode

There is some good news (we all need a bit more of that these days), in a surprise announcement, Riot will be turning on VALORANT Ranked Mode tonight for everyone in North America – with European servers to receive a hot-fix tomorrow and enabling of ranked shortly thereafter.

Here are the release times for the hotfix that will be released before Ranked Mode goes live.

  • NA’s April 30 @ 4:30AM PT, back up @ 10AM PT
  • EU’s May 1st @ 3:30AM CEST, back up at 9:30AM CEST

How Does Ranked Work?

Complete 20 Unrated matches to unlock Competitive

  • 8 Ranks, 3 tiers each (except the top rank “VALORANT”)
  • You can queue with up to 5 players
  • Rank will not be displayed if you have not completed a competitive match within the last 14 days
  • Closed beta rank will NOT carry over to launch

In other news, Riot has today made some slight visual changes to multiple Agents – including Breach and Omen. The game is still in closed beta so it’s likely that they are not final, and other agents could also see changes before live release this summer.

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